What should you keep in mind when selling gold for cash?


The financial crisis and the need for instant cash is the main reason for selling gold, and the process is quite cumbersome. Other than hand loans from friends or relatives, selling gold is the easiest option to get instant cash to meet your urgent needs. However, it has been observed that in most cases people get less cash for gold than they deserve.  Ashirwad Gold is one of the leading gold buyers in Bangalore, offering the best price for your gold.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you sell gold for cash.

Check the worth & purity of gold: Get the purity check done for the quantity of gold you wish to sell and assess its worth of it as per the prevailing market prices. Hallmarked jewellery gets a higher value when compared to non-hallmarked gold.

Collect quotes/bids:  Before you decide on the final



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