What items need to be tested before the operation of organic fertilizer crusher


In general, the factory has a test run before the organic fertilizer machine leaves the factory. Here to remind you of a few points, before the organic fertilizer crusher is transported to the production site to start production, we must test the machine again empty.

Inspection items of organic fertilizer crusher before production
1. Tighten the bolts on the equipment first, which is very necessary to avoid big mistakes caused by small mistakes.
2. Does the organic fertilizer grinder vibrate? If there is vibration, first check whether the installation base is not on a horizontal plane. If this is negative, then judge from the inside of the equipment.
3. Observe the temperature of the machine body and the bearing box. If it is within the normal range, don’t pay attention to it. If the temperature continues to rise, stop immediately.
4. Listen to whether there are abnormal sounds in



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