What is the difference between powder and granular organic fertilizer production line equipment?


What is the difference between powder and granular organic fertilizer production line equipment? When buying organic fertilizer equipment, you should know whether you are making powdered fertilizer or granular fertilizer. Their main difference is that one is organic fertilizer powder and the other is organic fertilizer granules. However, from the perspective of technology, the necessary equipment for making granules is more than powdered organic fertilizer equipment. The main purpose of making granular organic fertilizer is to facilitate bagging and transportation and prevent secondary fermentation of organic fertilizer, In terms of the degree of sale, granular organic fertilizers sell well. At the time of making organic fertilizers, powdered organic fertilizers are the preliminary process. Then, it is necessary to use the granulator in the organic fertilizer equipment to make granular organic fertilizers. Only with the organic fertilizer granulator can granular organic fertilizers be produced.

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