What equipment are required for the production line of organic fertilizer with an annual output of 10000 tons


What is the basic quotation of the whole set of granular organic fertilizer equipment production line? Due to the different materials used in the production equipment, it is inevitable that there are differences in the prices of organic fertilizer machine. Investors should weigh in terms of model, specification, configuration, material quality, process flow and price when purchasing a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment. In short, the same quality than price, the same price than service.

Generally, the equipment investment of an organic fertilizer production enterprise with an annual output of 5000-20000 tons ranges from 50000 to 300000 yuan (the prices of the above organic fertilizer production lines refer to the fine processing and high configuration production lines). Different types of fertilizer pelletizer (roller press granulator, flat die pellet mill, drum granulator, disc granulator, <a title=”NPK and organic fertilizer granulator”



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