What are the countermeasures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment?


Failure of organic fertilizer equipment will affect the normal work progress, delay the production plan and cause production loss. We believe that organic fertilizer enterprises should carry out measures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment, so as to save capital for enterprise production.

Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang Organic Fertilizer Equipment Factory has developed and produced a full set of organic fertilizer production line machinery and equipment, including fermentation equipment (fermentation dumper, fermentation dumper, fermentation tank, etc.), screening system, batching system, granulation equipment, drying equipment (applicable to human manure drying, chicken manure drying, cow manure drying, pig manure drying, sludge dewatering, etc.), which is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer. It is a fast growing enterprise that develops and produces organic fertilizer production equipment and a complete set of organic fertilizer production lines in China. It can provide the most complete overall design scheme



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