The organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine is applied to the manure treatment and processing of the livestock farm


The organic manure dumping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment developed and produced based on Dynamic Composting. The early composting process is static composting, which is often converted into anaerobic fermentation due to insufficient oxygen supply, which will produce a large amount of odor such as hydrogen sulfide, and there is an explosion risk. The tipping machine can toss, stir and break the materials, so that the main raw materials and auxiliary materials are evenly mixed, so that the material pellets are fully contacted with the air, which is conducive to the aerobic fermentation of the materials and promotes the moisture emission of the materials.

The tipping device is the core component of the organic fertilizer tipping machine. Its function is to toss, mix and break materials to a certain thickness and ensure the formation of materials, which is conducive to the continuous and efficient fermentation of compost. The rotation of


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