The Importance of Fermentation Equipment in Organic Fertilizer Production


The importance of fermentation equipment in the production of organic fertilizer equipment. The quality of organic fertilizer largely depends on the fermentation process. The organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is very important in the entire production process. The heating time of organic fertilizer equipment during the production of organic fertilizer fermentation refers to the early stage of the composting process. The temperature rise of compost gradually rises from the environmental temperature to 45 ℃. The dominant microorganisms are mainly thermophilic microorganisms, including actinomycetes, The differentiation substrate is mainly composed of sugars and starches. Entities can be found in time. Animals and protozoa also participate in the differentiation.

The high temperature time of organic fertilizer fermentation rises steadily to above 45 ℃, which is the high temperature time. At this time, thermophilic microorganisms are suppressed and even die, while thermophilic microorganisms rise to be the dominant microorganisms. The residual



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