Some Important Points to Keep in Mind When Selling Gold for Cash


It’s a common practice, especially in India that people sell their jewellery in need of funds during emergencies. But in most cases, you get paid much lesser than what you deserve.

In midst of your urgency for money and lack of luxury in time, you have only the option to accept what the buyer gives. Banks who sell Gold bullion, coins, or bars do not take them back. You are, therefore, forced to sell your gold for cash to any buyer like a pawn broker, a local jeweller, a goldsmith, or a craftsman who deducts a huge amount as wastage, melting loss, etc. Ultimately, you get paid cash for gold, of value which could range from 60-65%.

To avoid falling prey to such deceiving situations, Ashirwad gold mine, a buyer of gold, brings you some important points to keep in mind before selling Gold for Cash.

Assess Market

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