Solving the problem of non-uniform fertilizer granules by using a pair of roll extruding granulator in npk fertilizer production line


Due to the excessive dependence on chemical fertilizer and other fertilizers in agricultural production, the distribution of various nutrients in the soil is uneven, and the soil structure has changed.

Through research and practice, it is found that the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment is rich in nutrients and organic matter, which can reduce the problems of soil hardening and salinization. Different nutrients are mixed by roller press granulator to make granular fertilizer according to proportion, which solves the problem of uneven nutrient in fertilizer.

Extrusion granulation equipment, suitable for a wide range of raw materials. For the roller extrusion granulator product quality requirements are also higher and higher. When purchasing the pellet machine, check whether the manufacturer is regular, whether the quality of the machine produced is the standard organic fertilizer extrusion granulator, and whether it has been certified.
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