Process for processing large amounts of chicken manure into organic fertilizer


The more complicated chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is: organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, domestic garbage, dead branches, rotten leaves, biogas residue, waste bacteria, etc.) are fermented into a semi-wet material crusher for crushing, and then nitrogen is added phosphorus and potassium and other elements (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) make the mineral elements contained in the organic fertilizer meet the standards, and then are stirred by a mixer, and then enter the granulator machine for fertilizer, and then dried , Sieved by a sieving machine, qualified products are packaged, and unqualified products are returned to the granulator for granulation.

Among them, the reasonable combination of fineness of raw materials is very important for organic fertilizer granulation. According to our experience for many years, the fineness of the whole raw material should be matched as follows: raw materials of 100-60



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