Organic fertilizer granulator processes livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer


 The commercialization of organic fertilizer means that organic fertilizer products need to have the characteristics of up to standard nutrients, storage resistance and easy transportation, and meet the requirements of market circulation. As far as nutrients are concerned, compared with chemical fertilizers, the overall nutrients of compost products using animal manure as raw materials are still too low, and they can only be used as a part of base fertilizer. Although it helps to improve the soil and crop growth environment, the nutrients are low. The effect of increasing production is not outstanding, which is obviously different from the existing agronomic planting habits and the characteristics of crops. Therefore, it is necessary to add a part of inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients to the compost organic fertilizer to increase the nutrient content of the organic fertilizer or make an organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. product. Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer produced


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