Operation process of granulating equipment in organic fertilizer production line


What are the complete fertilizer processing equipment? What organic fertilizer machine are needed? What are the steps and techniques of organic fertilizer?

1. The crawler type turner is used for ground strip stacking. Or fermentation tank to put materials, using tank type flip flop.
2. Evenly spread the bacteria agent, turn over the pile fermentation to achieve temperature rise, deodorization, decomposition, killing miscellaneous bacteria grass seeds.
3. Fermentation for 15-20 days, according to different temperatures in different regions, the number of times of turning is different.
4. It is completely fermented and decayed and discharged from the pool (ground type, directly collected by forklift truck).
5. Use a screening machine for coarse and fine screening (the screened powder fertilizer can be sold directly).

6. The selected large pieces are crushed by a pulverizer and returned to the screening machine.
7. The required trace elements are mixed with



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