I will configure google instant indexing API with rank math for wordpress


I will Configure Rank Math Instant Indexing for WordPress via Google Indexing API.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s like a bridge between 2 software programs that allows both of them to connect to share data & achieve a certain level of integration between the 2 programs. Here you will get the service of Instant Google Indexing API for WordPress sites.

I’m a Professional with 4+ years of experience with huge knowledge about Google Indexing API for any WordPress URL index in SERPs. I can completely help you Integrate Google Indexing API Integration with WordPress.


Working Lists[Google Indexing API]:

  • Setup Google Indexing API with WordPress
  • IndexNow/Google publish, Update, Remove URL
  • Instant Indexing Plugin Setup
  • API Credential Key Setup[JSON Key]
  • API enabled from Google Cloud Console
  • API Integration with Google Search Console


Here’s why it’s really worth the extra effort:

  1. Rank faster[Especially important for time-sensitive content]
  2. Increase your chances of ranking above your competitor
  3. Keep search results up-to-date for higher-quality traffic


When using the Google Indexing API, Google will prioritize crawling & indexing these URLs over others.


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