HRD Attestation | HRD Certificate Attestation


HRD attestation is a legalization process done to authenticate an educational document. HRD Attestation is the first step of educational document legalization in India. HRD Attestation is possible for all educational documents issued under MHRD. All the educational documents requiring attestation and Apostille must be first authenticated by the State Human Resource Development (HRD) of the concerned state from where the document has been issued. Many countries have made certificate HRD attestation compulsory for granting a visa, employment or higher education abroad. So, you have to go through the State HRD Attestation procedure to get attestation from the embassy. HRD Certificate Attestation is mainly required when you are stepping to a foreign country for education or employment purposes to prove the authenticity of your documents in their country and also to apply for a student visa, work visa



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