How to use organic fertilizer turning machine scientifically


Precautions during the use of organic fertilizer turner:

  1. Ensure ventilation and oxygen supply at the bottom of the fermentation table;
  2. The height of the farmer’s manure pile is 0.8-1.5 meters and the width is 1.5-2 0 meters is appropriate, and the length can be determined by the amount of farmyard manure. The volume of compost is too small, which is unfavorable to temperature rise fermentation and thorough decomposition.
  3. If the farmyard manure is used for too long or there are too many straws, fresh manure should be added to adjust during fermentation;
  4. The stacked manure pile is covered to prevent the farm manure on the air dried surface from completely fermenting;
  5. Naturally fermented farmyard manure can be fermented for the second time only after corresponding adjustment;

Tips for processing and fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials:

Ferment with weeds and crop



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