How to use livestock manure to produce round granular organic fertilizer?


The process steps of making round granular organic fertilizer from livestock manure:

Step 1: Collect the liquid of livestock and poultry excrement for fermentation and decomposition, mix it with straw, hay, etc. to control the water content of about 65%, and then transport it to the fermentation tank, sprinkle it with aerobic fermentation bacteria. At the same time, use the hydraulic tank type dumper to fully mix it and let it ferment. During fermentation, use the dumper to dump the materials for cooling treatment.

Step 2: The materials that have been decomposed by high temperature will be processed by the organic fertilizer crusher. The organic fertilizer wet material crusher is a professional equipment for crushing high humidity, multi fiber materials. High speed rotating chain is used to crush fiber with good particle size.

Step 3: Mix and stir with trace elements, auxiliary materials, humic acid,



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