How to save energy and reduce emissions for tipper?


The tipper is a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment to help fermentation equipment. It can aerate, flip, and stir compost materials. It can flip the compost completely and has high efficiency. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer, effectively shorten the fermentation cycle, and facilitate the rapid walking and transfer of the machine. The process of the tilter to separate feces is an aerobic fermentation process, also known as composting. Now all resources are scarce and precious, especially the manure and crop straw can be turned into organic fertilizer after treatment. Straw treatment is to mix the damaged crop straw with cow dung, chicken dung, etc., add a special microorganism, and then turn it into organic fertilizer without odor after aerobic fermentation.

The core idea of the ecological feeding skills of the tipping machine is to rapidly transform raw manure, urine and other feeding



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