How to operate organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to realize biochemical reaction


Tower type organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. The tower type fermentation process is to dehydrate or remove impurities from cattle manure, add auxiliary materials and microbial agents, mix and mix them, and then transport them to the top layer of the fermentation tower by belt conveyor. After that, the tower is turned over once a day, and the fermentation process is completed after 7 days. Tower fermentation has the characteristics of full utilization of heat, fast fermentation speed, low energy consumption, fast deodorization, good production environment, no climate impact, small land area and high degree of automation. The tower type organic fertilizer fermentation equipment operates automatically from the mixing and inoculation of organic matter, feeding and laying, turning to discharging, and can continuously feed and discharge. However, the fermentation tower equipment is not only expensive, but also has a high maintenance cost. Therefore, it has been gradually eliminated, and the manufacturers are


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