How to Make Money from Selling your Old Jewels in the Current Market?


Gold is the world’s least understood asset class. Confusion arises because gold is traded like a commodity, yet gold is not a commodity, it is money – James Rickards. For a long period of time, Indians have utilised gold as an alternative investment. In situations that are extreme, it is a common practice to convert their gold into money by selling their gold.

The market in India offers myriad choices to buy and sell ornaments. Many have been observed to sell their gold jewellery for cash in an emergency. During this post-pandemic situation, if you have an emergency situation needing cash you can sell your old gold but keep certain things in mind.

It is noted that money on selling gold leads to dissatisfaction if you do not do a little groundwork before selling the gold.  Through this blog, we at Ashirwad Gold – the best gold buyers in India, will



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