How to maintain the chain crusher correctly in NPK fertilizer production line

 In the organic fertilizer production line, the chain crusher is generally used after the raw materials are mixed, but also after the fertilizer screening machine.

First, do a good job of heat preservation. The climate and environment make the transmission parts of various parts slow or unable to start due to freezing, which requires the workplace of the organic fertilizer chain crusher or the organic fertilizer chain crusher itself. Thermal insulation measures. The raw materials used in the organic fertilizer chain crusher work also need to be antifreeze treatment. The moisture of the organic fertilizer raw materials is too large, and the antifreeze treatment is also critical for the winter use of the organic fertilizer pellet machine.
 Second, use special lubricating oil. Low temperature and skillful use frequency will cause the lubricating oil to encounter condensation and freeze retention, which will affect the lubrication and



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