How to ferment the feces of livestock and poultry in the production process of organic fertilizer equipment


The general production process of organic fertilizer equipment in the combination of planting and breeding mode includes: solid-liquid separation, solid feces fermentation, and liquid feces oxidation pond treatment. The main equipment of the organic fertilizer processing process is a solid-liquid separator, a mixer, and a overturning device.

It is determined according to local climate conditions and fertilization season. When the crop fertilizing season comes, the farmers will pull back and fertilize the farmland, which is a good way to use cow dung. But the cow urine sewage can not be used. The facilities and equipment used are open fields, transportation machinery, etc.

The automatic material receiving part is that the sludge in the fermentation chamber falls layer by layer under the action of the main shaft and gravity, and is discharged after the fermentation. The fermented materials are sold as organic fertilizer raw materials to realize resource utilization.



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