How to choose the site for building a small organic fertilizer plant


1. Topography

Fertilizer plants should be built in high dry, flat and well drained places, which should be at least above the local historical flood line. The groundwater level should be less than 3 meters, which can avoid the threat of flood in rainy season. The site area can be determined according to the management mode and the layout of plant (including processing workshop, fermentation workshop, raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse). According to the different fertilizer production process, the equipment occupation is different, the roller press granulator production line is relatively small, and the NPK drum granulation production line occupies a large area. This layout should be compact and reasonable.

2. Water source and power supply

As a fertilizer plant that can operate normally, water and power supply must be able to supply normally; water conditioning and granulation in fermentation workshop and granulation in processing workshop need



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