How much does it cost to configure a small cow dung organic fertilizer production line?


The small-scale cow dung organic fertilizer production line narrows down those large-scale organic fertilizer production lines. The overall production process and principle are still the same, and it is suitable for investors with little capital and small site in the early stage. We can see from the current organic fertilizer market that the use of organic fertilizer production line equipment to make organic fertilizers is advocated by the state, and certain subsidies are also given, Moreover, small-scale organic fertilizer production lines can be directly established without much money. Some cattle farms can directly set up small-scale organic fertilizer production lines on the vacant land of their own farms, so that livestock and poultry manure can be fermented and decomposed directly to make organic fertilizer.

With the improvement of people’s awareness of food safety, the use of organic fertilizers is increasing, which brings opportunities for organic fertilizer manufacturers. The



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