High temperature aerobic closed fermentation process organic fertilizer fermentation tank treatment process


The high-temperature aerobic closed fermentation process flow the organic fertilizer fermentation tank treatment process flow includes three processes: the mixing part (storage bin, material crushing mixer, etc.), the high-temperature aerobic fermentation part (fermentation tank, sensor, control system, deodorization system, air supply system), and the automatic material receiving part (material lifting device, output device, etc.). Among them, the most important link is the aerobic fermentation process. Make full use of the activity of microorganisms in the feces to decompose organic matter, and generate high-temperature compost materials to decompose, so as to kill pathogens, bacteria and other harmful substances. During the fermentation process, the moisture content of materials keeps decreasing and the volume decreases.

The mixing part is the fermentation tank of the organic fertilizer equipment to fully mix the organic wastes such as livestock manure and high-temperature biological fermentation bacteria in the mixer according to a certain proportion


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