Granulation process of drum granulator in NPK fertilizer production line


The drum granulation method is a method of mixing and granulating powdered basic fertilizers with a drum granulator, and is widely used in the granulation of compound fertilizers. Principle: First, each basic fertilizer is screened separately, and the screened material is crushed by a crusher and then screened. The undersieve is sent to their respective hoppers. When the granulation system is in operation, the basic fertilizers are simultaneously sent from their respective hoppers to the feeding hopper via metering equipment, conveying equipment and lifting equipment according to the proportioning requirements. At the same time, the returned material enters the hopper together with the basic fertilizer through the lifting equipment.

The basic fertilizers and returned materials are mixed to a certain extent in the process of transportation and lifting, but it is more ideal if a mixing device can be added. The mixture


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