Difference and research direction of organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine at home and abroad


The research of domestic organic manure turning machine started relatively late, and most of them copied foreign models. The product design mainly relied on experiments and experience, and lacked of theoretical research on turning and throwing machine. The existing problems were mainly manifested in poor walking safety, reliability of turning and throwing system and adaptability to composting materials. At the same time, there are some deficiencies in the arrangement and distribution of throwing knives and the degree of automation.

Sinochem Huafeng company, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery, has developed the first professional tipping machine in China, which is at the leading level in the domestic composting treatment and organic fertilizer processing equipment industry. It optimizes the design and distribution of the paddle type tipping gear of the tipping machine. The impact vibration is small during operation. It has the functions of milling, crushing, stirring, tipping


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