Composition of organic fertilizer equipment for producing granular fertilizer


1) Organic fertilizer granulation equipment: Granulation of mixed fertilizer is an important process of dry powder granulation process, which not only relates to the internal and external quality of products, but also relates to the output and cost. Besides the physical and chemical properties of materials, the granulation production process is also closely related to the form and mechanical performance of granulation equipment. The main types of granulation equipment include disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, double shaft granulator, extrusion granulator and spray granulation dryer.

(2) Organic fertilizer drying equipment: the granular fertilizer from the granulator generally contains 0% – 16% water, and it usually needs to be dried to make the water content of the fertilizer meet the national fertilizer standard, so as to meet the requirements of storage, transportation and application. At present, the commonly used dry operation organic fertilizer equipment in China are



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