Common tank type organic manure composter and fermentation equipment for sludge harmless treatment


Tank type organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. The equipment required for tank fermentation is the tank type fermentation upender, which has the advantages of large processing capacity, small land occupation, simple operation and unmanned driving. However, due to the need to build fermentation tanks, the fermentation field is fixed, which has certain limitations, and the air permeability is not as good as the bar stack type. At present, on the basis of the function of turning and throwing, some of the tank type fermentation organic manure turning machines are designed with oxygen adding devices, which can increase the permeability; Some of them have added the function of breaking and stirring, which is suitable for fecal type, dregs and fermented products with more fiber and small viscosity. In this way, the pretreatment procedures of raw material mixing and breaking can be eliminated, and the production links can be reduced. Because the trough


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