Common faults and causes of organic fertilizer equipment


Common faults and causes of organic fertilizer equipment:

(1) The motor of organic fertilizer equipment is overheated and its sound is abnormal.

Causes: 1) The bearing is poorly lubricated or severely worn; 2) Fan blades fall off or wear; 3) Poor contact of the switch circuit, or single-phase disconnection; 4) The voltage is too low.

(2) The sound of organic fertilizer equipment during operation is abnormal, and the cylinder is stuck by obstacles, even making the cylinder unable to rotate, and the bottom box vibrates.

Fault reason: 1) It is stuck by the object of the bottom box; 2) The magnetic block falls off, making the cylinder rattle, and the cylinder skin will be broken in serious cases. At this time, the vehicle shall be stopped for maintenance and troubleshooting.

(3) The reducer is overheated

Fault causes: 1) insufficient oil or poor oil quality;



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