Classification of mixed compound fertilizer production line process


The production line of mixed compound fertilizer is classified according to the production method (or manufacturing process): mixed compound fertilizer is a compound fertilizer made by mechanically mixing several kinds of uniform granular simple fertilizers in a certain proportion. The main characteristics of mixed compound fertilizer are:

  1. Comprehensive and reasonable distribution.
  2. Lower the Bourbon and reduce what dye.
  3. The formula is flexible and targeted.
  4. Production on demand meets different needs.
  5. Compound fertilizer has separation and non-uniformity.
  6. Mixed compound fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

Granular compound (mixed) fertilizer: the mixed compound fertilizer production line is a kind of fertilizer made of various simple fertilizers processed by certain techniques. During the mixing process, a small amount of liquid phase can be provided by heating and adding acid, ammonia containing liquid into water vapor, and granulation can be carried out under



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