Characteristics of fertilizer granulator in compound fertilizer production line


Double roller press granulator is the representative of the organic fertilizer machine for extrusion granulation. The dry material is compressed into hard materials and granules by extrusion. This equipment is commonly used in chemical and fertilizer plants, and is also the main granulation equipment of ammonium chloride.

Characteristics of ammonium chloride granulator

1. Ammonium chloride fertilizer granulator can be operated circularly to realize continuous production with high yield.
2. The raw material of fertilizer granulation is compressed by mechanical pressure without any additives, and the purity of the product is guaranteed.
3. The roller press granulator realizes the direct granulation of dry powder without subsequent drying process, and the existing fertilizer production process is easy to improve and transform.
4. High granule strength, compared with other granulation methods, obviously improves the bulk density, especially when increasing the product accumulation ratio.
5. The roller granulator



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