Characteristics of equipment in pig manure organic fertilizer production line


The pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is compact in structure and advanced in technology. The harmless chemical living bacteria starter is used to treat livestock and poultry manure, and biological fermentation is carried out under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms to release nutrients, which can kill bacteria, insect eggs, detoxification and deodorization, so as to achieve harmless and resource utilization.

Prospect of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment:

  1. Pig manure is rich in organic fertilizer resources. There are many raw materials for pig manure organic fertilizer equipment. There are hundreds of large breeding counties in China.
  2. Pig manure organic fertilizer has high quality. The manure of a pig for one year can be retted into 2000-2500kg pig manure organic fertilizer after it is made into fertilizer with auxiliary materials. The comprehensive organic matter content is higher than 45%, and it is also rich in



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