Chana Masala | Chole recipe | How to make Chana Masala


A perfect appetizer for the sudden cravings to have something spicy, sour, crunchy, and full of exotic flavors, Chana Masala is an enchanting concoction of mouthwatering spices, soft chickpeas, crunchy onions, kick from the chilies, and the citrusy lemon juice, that is nothing less than a joy for the taste buds. Chana Masala, literally ‘mix-spiced small-chickpeas’, also known as Chole Masala, is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent and devoured both at home and as a street food. Raw chickpeas are soaked overnight and then boiled and cooked in onion and tomato spice mixture to form a succulent and zestful delight worth drooling over.



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