Arrangement of organic fertilizer production line and composition of organic fertilizer production process


The development and research of organic manure production line and sterilization system of livestock and poultry manure will help to promote the formation of the production industrial chain of harmless treatment, resource utilization and commercialization of livestock and poultry manure, achieve the goal of industrialization, marketization and large-scale production, and effectively promote the development of ecological agriculture and circular economy in the city.

The products produced by the organic fertilizer production line are made of chicken and pig dung as raw materials and do not contain any chemical components. The digestion capacity of chicken and pig is poor, and only 25% of the nutrients can be consumed. The other 75% of the nutrients in the feed are discharged with the feces, so that the dry products contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, egg white and other ingredients. The chicken manure dryer has not only created economic benefits for enterprises,



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