Advantages of track type organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine


The rail type tipping machine is a kind of tipping and stacking fermentation equipment widely used. It needs to build a fermentation tank in the early stage. It includes traveling track, traveling tank fermentation, power taking device, throwing and stacking part and transfer tank device (also called transfer vehicle, mainly used for multi tank use). The turnover and throwing work division adopts advanced barrel roller transmission, which can be divided into two types: non lifting and lifting.

The rail type organic fertilizer dumper mixes livestock manure with microbial fermentation bacteria or fermented old materials at a speed of 2-5M / min to fill oxygen and materials. The dumper is used to turn the materials in the tank once a day. The rail type dumper will move the fresh livestock and poultry manure from one side to the other side of the tank to form rotten organic fertilizer. It takes about 7 days in



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