Advantages of organic fertilizer dryer in organic fertilizer production line


 In addition to roller press granulator and a few fertilizer production processes, most organic fertilizer production and processing need drying treatment, drum drying machine is indispensable in fertilizer manufacturing.

1. As an organic fertilizer machine, drying machine can not only be used to dry fertilizer, but also can be used to dry chicken manure, duck manure and livestock manure with water content less than 60%. It has good effect on reducing environmental pollution.
2. The transmission mode of drum dryer changes the traditional point contact mode of supporting roller and rolling ring, and the relative wear and power consumption of roller ring, supporting wheel and driving gear are greatly reduced, which increases the stability of cylinder operation.
3. The organic fertilizer dryer adopts the downstream drying mode, and the material and heat source air flow enter the drying equipment from the



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